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I became an Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide in 1994 at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana. I graduated from the University of Oregon soon after.

I spent my youth fishing the coastal streams of Oregon. I caught Salmon and Steelhead in rivers like the Rogue, Elk and Sixes. I was raised reading the fishing exploits of Zane Grey. I didn't fly fish back then but used spin gear and bait. As I grew I up, I came across old family photos of my grandfather with large stringers of Salmon and Steelhead. I was soon to realize that the wild strains of these ocean going fish were near extinction on Oregon rivers for a variety of reasons.

Catch and release fly fishing for trout has become my creed.

Guiding will always be something special. It is more than the sum of its parts. It is mostly about unlocking the fishing experience, not just about catching fish. It is about the shared moments together and the letting go afterwards. It is about the release. There are many levels to the joy of fishing. The rush from a rainbow rising to your fly is one of them is one of them. The excitement from watching a leaping fish on your line is a part of it. Fishing will enter your heart. It is reminder that this journey is short, unique and extraordinary.

Today, I guide on Oregon's waterways for The Fly Fisher's Place. Each river offers something for fishermen of different skill levels. I enjoy teaching and introducing beginners to the sport on the Crooked River where trout will often eagerly rise for a dry fly. I think closest to my heart though is guiding on the Deschutes River. Here we can stalk and fish for wary trophy rainbow trout together. This is an amazing river to float and fish on!

Mac Clark