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Trophy Trout is a first person, open world simulation where the player levels up, goes fishing and has fun. 

The game has maps of fishing holes on real rivers, models of authentic trophy fish and actual hatches changing by season. Enjoy exciting animations and leaping fish that combine effortlessly into millions of new and thrilling combinations. Real life strategies and tactics are used to catch fish in the game. The game was developed by, Mac Clark, a fly fishing guide and is built using the award winning Unreal Game Engine.


  • Choose: Equipment, Rivers, Modes, Difficulty and learn to match the hatch. 
  • Explore: Famous western rivers accurately modeled using USGS data.
  • Solve: Mysteries surrounding fly fishing secrets in 14 chapters.
  • Win: Fish Bucks as a reward to purchase equipment and flies. 
  • Display: Trophies and earned equipment in your den to share with friends.
  • Learn: Fly fishing the quickest way possible using rapid feedback.
  • Enjoy: Local wildlife like realistic bears, buffaloes, wolves and lots of different fish.