Trophy Trout

The roar of the water draws near with each step you take to the river’s bank. You step in the water and it flows knee high around you. The sensation of cool water on you feels wonderful in juxtaposition to the hot summer’s breeze. Sunshine beams down on your shoulders and all your worries fall away. Surrounding you is high alpine meadow with lush green grass and small flowers. You look around and realize there is not another soul in sight.

Out of the corner of your eye, a trout rising for a dry fly catches your attention. First one fish rises and then another. Strong, aggressive takes arise from fish after fish. You look closer and can’t miss a massive Stonefly flying low over the surface of the water. You watch as the bug dips its wings and then flies directly toward you. You cusp your hand and catch it. Opening your hands you notice streaks of bright orange underneath the massive insect. A Salmonfly! You tie on a Sofa Pillow from your fly box and prepare to have one of the best fishing days of your life.

Welcome to Trophy Trout where models of world famous, blue ribbon trout streams await your exploration and effort. Your first river to conquer, the Gallatin River awaits. Here you will travel across an island in search of clues to what is hatching and spend time fly fishing. After you find the majority of clues, you will be able to choose from a list of recommended flies for the current hatch. With the correct fly selected, trout will find your offering to them absolutely irresistible.

You cast out your Sofa Pillow and a huge wallop erupts in the water. You set your hook and fish on! Immediately you feel the tug of an enormous creature on the other end of the line. You have never had a fish on this big before. The sound of your line spooling out into your backing, raises your heart to the maximum. The fish breaches the water and jumps clear. Rainbow coloring splashes your eyes and you are momentarily in utter disbelief of the size of the fish on the end of your line. The memory of the fish in mid-air stains your mind for a split second as it hovers in front of you. Too late you realize the fish needs some slack and with a snap it breaks your line. That was one big daddy of a fish. “George” will have to wait for another day.

Each level within the game contains several big daddies for you to land. These are special fish that are called by name. Combined with points earned from catching fish, you will be able to unlock flies, gear and rivers. The game also includes music videos with footage of fly fishing that are unlocked upon completion of a level.