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Trophy Trout, a game developed by fly fishing guide and computer programmer, Mac Clark, releases this month for the PC. The Unreal Engine game simulates real life modeling of famous fishing rivers, trout and hatches. Trophy Trout presents a fast-paced game for the whole family. Millions of random simulations and animations keep the player’s interest. Natural wildlife and artistic landscaping recreates the sites and sounds of the actual rivers.


•Choose: Equipment, Rivers, Modes, Difficulty and learn to match the hatch. 

•Explore: Famous western rivers accurately modeled using USGS data. 

•Solve: Mysteries surrounding fly fishing secrets in 14 chapters. 

•Win: Fish Bucks as a reward to purchase equipment and flies. 

•Display: Trophies and earned equipment in your den to share with friends. 

•Learn: Fly fishing the quickest way possible using rapid feedback. 

•Enjoy: Local wildlife like realistic bears, buffaloes, wolves and lots of different fish.



Mac has a background in developing Finance and Internet Banking applications for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. As a member of a startup with less than ten people, he helped grow the business to one that employees thousands of people today. He led teams and trained taught in .NET, participating in Boot Camps in a special relationship with Microsoft as their only “trusted” vendor. He was quickly promoted to Senior Consultant traveling to Asia, Africa and Europe.

While overseas he trained, sold products and services to international businesses as the company grew. He was a key part during the growth stage of the company successfully going public. It was subsequently acquired becoming the largest vendor of financial applications. Today Mac architects, develops and creates in many computer languages.

He currently is programming a project using a MEAN stack living on Amazon’s Elastic Cloud. Working alone he also successfully completed the creation of a video game, Trophy Trout, using all aspects of what many consider the best game engine, Unreal. He is a qualified Facebook developer and contributes to an Unreal open source project, UE4Duino. He also has a keen interest in robotics with several active Arduino projects, some using quaternion equations.


Trophy Trout Trailer YouTube

Trophy Trout – How to play keyboard YouTube / Trophy Trout – How to play controller YouTube


Click to download a zip file of all Screenshots here.





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